E!A Blog Migration to GitHub Pages

Dear Readers and Users

the time has come for the blog and the official website of Easy!Appointments to be served from the same server/domain. WordPress.com has served well for the previous years but the separation of the blog from easyappointments.org was something that troubled me for a long time.

The migration will be done gradually and all the old posts will be moved to the brand new blog, which will be powered by Hexo, a JavaScript static site generator that can be hosted on GitHub Pages as well.

Another announcement will follow up once the blog is ready.

Happy Bookin’


Easy!Appointments WordPress Plugin Released!

After a successful review by the WordPress employees the plugin is published in the official plugin repositories of the company. You can download it from the following link:


The plugin will work with any WordPress installation from v4.0 and up (current v4.5) and it supports PHP 5.3 and above.

You can now easily integrate the booking wizard within your WordPress installation with the use of a simple shortcode.


Happy Bookin’

EAWP Released

Easy!Appointments – WordPress Plugin – Beta Release

This updated package contains a fix in the Install operation (issue information) and some improvements in the UI texts. The plugin runs smoothly with all the supported WordPress versions (v4.0 – v4.4) and many users have reported using it without further problems.

Download the Beta package from the following link:


Please report back with your suggestions, experiences or problems.

Happy Bookin’

Easy!Appointments Plugin for WordPress

Easy!Appointments – WordPress Plugin – Alpha Release

A full featured package that will easily handle the connection between Easy!Appointments and WordPress has made to its Alpha release! WordPress is the most popular dynamic content platform and with this plugin you can now integrate easily the Easy!Appointments booking wizard within your websites through the use of a simple shortcode 😀

The settings page contains detailed description of the undergoing operations so that users can understand what it’s supposed to do and how can one achieve it.It has been tested with PHP 5.3 and WordPress 4.0 – 4.4 and worked great without issues. The plugin was also test-driven-developed so you can run the unit tests with PHPUnit (GitHub clone required).

You can download the Alpha release of your plugin from the following link:


Please report back with your suggestions, experiences or problems.

Happy Bookin’



Version 1.1 Changelog & Release Date

The Beta release of v1.1 was rolled on 2nd January of 2016 and is doing pretty well so far. This version introduces a new responsive booking wizard which will enable customers to book appointments easily from their mobile devices.

There are also other important changes that will make Easy!Appointments more flexible and stable such as the drop of mod_rewrite which was causing various issues to different server environments that weren’t properly configured.

From now on administrators will be able to set a Google Analytics code which will be included in the booking page so that they can track their website visits in that page as well.

In extend the upcoming version includes optionally CAPTCHA validation for the booking wizard, various date formats and the ability to disable customer notifications, a setting which will enable users to use Easy!Appointments only as their company’s agenda.

Below there is a list of the GitHub issues that were closed during this milestone.

  • Issue #4: Raising more useful exceptions and enable error logging by default.
  • Issue #6: Business Logic created is not getting assigned to service provider.
  • Issue #10: Unable to use address tags in email address.
  • Issue #13: Upgrade to Bootstrap 3.x.x.
  • Issue #14: Add Google Analytics tracking for the booking page.
  • Issue #15: Add CAPTCHA validation to booking page.
  • Issue #16: Responsive frontend (booking wizard).
  • Issue #18: Duration is not changing when adding a new appointment.
  • Issue #21: Fix E!A installation problems with AJAX requests.
  • Issue #25: Add a disable customer mail notifications setting in the backend.
  • Issue #27: Support american time format within the app (dynamic display formats).
  • Issue #31: Double booking when two users try to book the same appointment hour and at the same time.
  • Issue #38: Renamed configuration.php file to config.php and changed the SystemConfiguration class to Config. This class will contain constants with the project configuration and will be statically used.
  • Issue #39: Add latest translations to source code so that user can select them immediately.
  • Issue #40: Removed .htaccess file and updated all the URLs with the index.php file so that mod_rewrite problems are eliminated.
  • Issue #41: Removed cancel.php file. Frontend must use the message.php file for displaying simple messages to user.
  • Issue #42: Place all external assets to “ext” directory.
  • Issue #66: Trouble with breaks for providers.


The release date of the new version is the 25th January of 2016. Till then download the Beta version and test it thoroughly on your server.

You can also be part of the project by  contributing in the localization as explained in a previous post.

Help Needed with v1.1 Translations

Easy!Appointments v1.1 Beta is already released and seems to be working fine without any problems.

In this release there were some new captions and messages introduced in the UI, that need to be translated into various languages (see Github files).

You can either create a pull request or email the translations directly to alextselegidis@gmail.com (it’s not much work anyway).

Please do not hesitate to be part of a community effort by contributing to the localization of the project.


Help with v1.1 Translations

New Beta v1.1 Released!

Happy New Year!

The new BETA version is finally ready for testing and experimentation! There are many improvements and fixes for common problems since v1. The main new feature is the new responsive frontend that will let customers book their appointments from mobile devices. The new version also uses Bootstrap 3 and more specifically the Paper theme that provides a new optical flavor (material design).

Please consider downloading the package and testing it thoroughly in order to address problems at an early stage. If you find any issues do not hesitate to report them in GitHub or email me personally at alextselegidis@gmail.com.

Thank you so much for supporting Easy!Appointments.

Download the BETA package for v1.1


New Beta Package